Hi Friends,

This website talks about for my journey from a school boy who did his +2 education in the native language(Hindi), and slowly but steadily went on to crack the IIM Ahmedabad puzzle.

During the journey, I passed through several ups and downs, mood swings, burning questions such as, why MBA at such ripe age, why bother myself so much despite well-paying job, happy family etc.

This journey is about passing through the tiring and testing terrains of GMAT, MBA Application, Essays, Interview mishaps, but eventually making it there, to the Mecca of Management Institutes in India.

It is also about the pursuit to attain the aura of invincibility, the truth behind MBA being a grinding education that forces you to face your inner-self in the most challenging setting you have ever been in your lifetime.

Occasionally, I might drift from the theme and blog about something not so relevant but bear with me for that duration as I will soon return to the original theme of talking about why MBA, how MBA, and the MBA journey post securing an admission.

Before I conclude, one final point. The details of MBA program I would be talking about will be pertaining to PGPX, a flagship offering by IIM Ahmedabad for executives. It is one-year full-time residential MBA program and provides benefits of classroom interaction with world-class faculty and peer group second to none in the country.


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