A visit to KFC: Is Social unrest just a tool or a phenomenon to worry about?

We live in an era in which connectivity is the cheapest commodity given the exponential rise of connected devices and communication technology. We have been hearing various influential people talking about the possibility of a social unrest in India if proper welfare schemes are not implemented. This gives rise to the several forms of taxation as a measure to generate money to fund social welfare schemes.

It was one such day my MBA journey which was just after finishing a test and before a nearly killing schedule. But, as they say, more the pain, higher the immunity you develop with time and start balancing things in a better manner. It is important to take time out from the tiring and repetitive schedule to refresh yourself. And, given the person I am, I like to visit places on a relatively quiet day to really cherish the moments and surroundings.

For years, we have been learning about the delicate social fabric of our nation and the kind of balance required to arrest possible breakout of social unrest. There are various taxation, lists of NGOs, government departments created to facilitate this objective of keeping the restful society.

But how successful have these measures been?

We at PGPX-12 are fortunate to have a right oriented economics professor who brings invaluable experience and deep insights. With the vast quality of experience he has, his examples are very thought to provoke and inculcate inquisitiveness in every individual. Over a couple of lectures, he has proved how various government interventions in marketplace result in the reduction of society welfare, and how the government creates contradictory departments. On one side, you have a department to create a monopoly for social welfare, and on the other side, there is an anti-competition commission.

A visit to KFC, Ahmedabad One Mall.

My maiden visit to KFC store in Ahmedabad One was quite a bit of a data point to understand what true social welfare is and how simple steps can really translate into the overall upliftment of society. As we entered and reached the counter, we started asking questions and preparing delicacies to order. The person at counter hinted that he is deaf. There was no sense of sympathy as the person was as good as any other person in discharging his duties. It did not stop there, as we roamed around the store, we saw that this store is predominantly run by deaf persons and how well! Amazing! This is was a good training and opportunity can do to any strata in society.

During my conversation with my friend, he told me about a dark restaurant in Bangalore where there is full darkness. A person holds your hand, takes you to the table and assists you through entire dining experience. Once you are finished and coming out, you get to know that person helping you was blind. The restaurant is Dialogue in the Dark.

When I turn to the other side of the story and start imagining the special homes created for specially abled people, the picture is not very vibrant and promising.

One of world’s largest organization, Government of India.

The question I was left wondering was, Why cannot the GoI (one of the world’s largest organization) create such opportunities for all sections of societies and make them part of inclusive development instead of getting worried about possible social unrest and remain in an inaction mode? What stops it from taking bold steps which empower people and provide development opportunities instead of just handholding through social measures.

Did we as a nation achieve our goal for social upliftment that was set for 2017,
Or There was (and is) no Goal?

We certainly cannot do away with welfare schemes abruptly, but it is worth asking ourselves, is there a measurable Goal to achieve social upliftment and whether a vision is laid down to reach there with timelines?

Leave you with this question for thoughts!
Good Morning, Sunday!!



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