Hosting a renowned millennial leader: Mr. Akshay Kothari of LinkedIn

Today was an exciting day in the journey of  PGPX 12th batch at IIM Ahmedabad. We were going to host Mr. Akshay Kothari of LinkedIn India towards the later half of the day. He was extremely kind to accept our invitation and find time during his personal visit to Ahmedabad.

The session started with a discussion about his startup Pulse, a personalized news application which is now a part of LinkedIn. Akshay took us through his journey at Stanford and how implementing the ‘design thinking’ helped him and his partner come up with this excellent idea of personalized news application. Just to mention, this is the same application which was mentioned by none other than Mr. Steve Jobs during one of the launch events.

Akshay came across as a simple person with a lot of powerful ideas about making the social impact to Indian demography by bringing equal opportunities to length and breadth of the country through various initiatives LinkedIn is taking. He put forward excellent ideas about his plan to make LinkedIn reach across the diverse working population of India, be it the white-collared workforce struggling to cope with automation, or blue-collared workforce waiting to claim their fame because of lack of networking opportunities.

During the Q&A, the participants asked a lot of thought-provoking questions related to LinkedIn’s plans about optimizing the level of connection to bring out the strength of the connection, supporting start-up ecosystem, and taking the benefits to the colleges in tier-2 and tier-3 cities.

It was an excellent opportunity for the PGPX batch to build on their existing plans of making a social impact through their work post-MBA and even embark on their entrepreneurial journey sooner than later.

Thank you, Mr. Akshay Kothari for a wonderful evening! Wish you a happy, healthy and a truly rewarding life!!







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